Jeremy Nye


Brief Biography:

I have spent a career in television (and more recently, radio and online).
It began with knocking on doors in Westminster, persuading its diverse residents of the manifold excitement to be discovered if they connected to cable TV.   While completing  an MBA at New York University I spent time at CBS, helping persuade advertisers to see the merits of buying spots in the Superbowl (and some lesser CBS properties).  I then worked at MTV Europe, during its glory years, at Channel 4 during its Big Breakfast heyday, and at Star Television in Hong Kong and India during ‘going local’ period.  I returned to London to work at the BBC, staying for 13 years, finally running the audience research team for its international television news channel, radio stations and websites.

From 2011 to 2014 I worked on contracts at ITV, Thinkbox and Channel 4, as well as freelance work, book writing and that.

My life isn’t all media and audience research – that would be silly!  (I also have children, a slightly masochistic passion for morning Bootcamp, and a few other hobbies I like to keep to myself)

But 84% of it is.