Music and videos

What’s all this? 

I play music when I’m online, and sometimes I’m desperate to share my enthusiasm for a tune.  If I post something here, it’ll have saved me from pestering friends


Agnes Obel: Just So

If anything the last 30 seconds are the most interesting.  She’s from Denmark, doncha know


First Aid Kit:  Blue

Curious setting.  They were my highlight of Latitude 2012.  They’re from Sweden. And have written a song about Richard Dawkins (Hard Believer)


Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks

What a popular clip.  It’s like Lazytown meets Bjork.  They’re from Iceland…


Royksopp: Across the Graveyard

Cool.  Gentle,  They’re from Tromso in Norway.  It accounts for the darkness of the video – it’s like that all day in winter


M83: Kim and Jessie

Gentle, erotic.  They’re from France.  Which may account for the effortless eroticism of the video.  But Raconte Moi Une Histoire is more fun.


Jam and Spoon:  Odyssey to Anyoona

For around 10 years my absolute favourite song.  Still takes a long time to get going , and then…heaven. From Germany.


Laura Marling:  Night after Night

A beautiful version of a stunning song.  Televisions can be ‘a sudden burst of light’ watched every night, but I don’t think she’s singing about TV


The Cinematic Orchestra: Arrival of the Birds

I don’t know much about them, but it’s a great tune.


Sufjan Stevens: Futile Devices

The most beautiful singer… He’s written dozens of amazing songs.  He’s writing about words, not television sets


Mazzy Star:  Fade into You

If Hope Sandoval and Sufjan Stevens had ever had children, they’d have broken a record, or something.


Elbow:  Lippy Kids

Epic song about ambition and hope in unexpected places


Junior Senior:  Move Your Feet

It expresses a basic human need, to let it all go and have fun.


God Help the Girl: Come Monday Night

Side project from Belle and Sebastian’s Stuart Murdoch.  A film may appear at some point (needs funds).  The video has a TV in it…. swoon.


PJ Harvey:  the Last English Rose

No-one sings ‘Quiver’ (1’39”) like Polly does.  She’s one of those people who I can imagine doesn’t own a TV.


Thom Yorke:  Analyse

I like to think that the song is about market research,  But it probably isn’t.


Blur:  Sweet Song

The title is well chosen.  It mentions TV.  What more could you ask for?


Grimes: Genesis

Perhaps Oblivion is better, but that;’s linked to elsewhere on the blog,  Lovely piano.


Underworld (and others): Caliban’s Dream

The epic but sweet tune from the Olympics opening ceremony.  A television event like no other.


Jenny and Johnny:  Switchblade

Big Wave is great too, but this one has a message for TV stars about the fickleness of fame.


Kathryn Calder:  Turn a Light On

Member of the New Pornographers, and fine.  Nice shoes.


Laura Viers:  July Flame

Might have made a theme for the Olympics torch relay..


Amadou and Mariam: Sabali

It’s their best song


Baaba Maal:  Television

Really nice tune about… well, the subject of this website