Times of day that look like the TV programmes people want at that time

7 and 8 o’clock

A very wise person once pointed out that the word ‘bed’, when typed out, looks like a bed

bed    bed    bed   bed

This looks like a dormitory consisting of four beds.

And then Caitlin Moran went a little further on Twitter:

Stares at the word “llama”. I can see the WOOL WRINKLING AND PILING over the FLANKS. This is fucking WITCHCRAFT

llama  llama  llama

That looks like three llamas in a line.

If you like this sort of thing, there’s more here.    eye  that’s a good one.  Although to be fair, it looks like two eyes and a nose, so that’s cheating.

ANYWAY…  a tiny subset of words that look like what they mean is:

‘Times of day which look like the types of programme people like to watch at that time’




At 7 pm people want to see a version of themselves.  The shape of the 7 resembles an hinged mirror into which you can place your face and see it reflected back, multiplied and ever diminishing, at different angles.

7 A skewed angle, like a mirror reflecting back. Like what a 7 looks like

And this is reflected in what people want to see on television. So from 7, TV viewers want The One Show, and Coronation Street… programmes in the early-mid evening which seem to be about recognisable people… themselves … situations they can understand and empathise with.  Or the news.  Something un-threatening.  Like a mirror, reflecting themselves, or people like themselves back.

7pm is too early for anything too heavy, or aspirational, or out of the norm… viewers are settling after dinner, and so it’s about integrating with others.  A good way to do that is with easy familiar company that doesn’t need introducing to the rest of the household (so Emmerdale and Coronation Street and more suitable than the raucous crowd in Eastenders.

So the number 7 is like a mirror, reflecting your own life and the lives of people you know, but at an interesting angle. Like a seven.  or 7.

Can you see how this is a bit like the shape of a number ‘7’. An angle. The reflection

I really can’t explain it any more clearly.

Next, 8 o’clock.


The number 8 is shaped like a short journey.  A figure of 8. You end up where you started off, but after a delightful little excursion.  In fact, at one point you cross over where you were before, but in a different direction.  It’s not a pirouette, it’s a short trip.  As if down to the shops, or the local park.

A small diversion… not too far. A gentle journey. at 8

So at 8pm audiences are looking for light documentaries, travel shows, cooking programmes and the like.  It’s an unformed hour in many respects – too early for new drama – so it provides a ‘couch trip’ as it were – gentle inspiration for lethargic loafers.   So you are shown how you MIGHT choose to bake this, or sort out your garden, but ABSOLUTELY NO PRESSURE TO JOIN IN…  It’s all there in the shape of the number 8… a helix that returns you to where you began.

And after your wander, you’re ready for the evening’s main event… the 9 o’clock show.


3 o’clock.  The ‘3’ it looks like a sideways bottom, and that’s because it’s something of the arse end of the schedule, and hardly anything is on at that time (actually,. now I look at the angular font used here, the 3 doesn’t look like a bottom at all.  Still, you’ll concede the point, I hope)

Elliott Smith:  From his album Figure 8… Easy Way Out.  Which usually gets you nowhere.

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